Being pregnant is the most exciting and blesses thing in a women’s life, one of the most interesting thing throughout the pregnancy is organizing whole new wardrobe.

This is the thing that every pregnant women likes the most. Isn’t it? Well, but there should be a proper balance and account of what you really need and that too without spending too much. As pregnancy is not going to last for lifetime, but there is a matter of just 9 months and so. Hence your wardrobe should only contain the things that are essential and necessary through your pregnancy, looking at your comfort and health.

RadiaShield -Belly Armor

One of the stuff that is must for all pregnant women is the embrace band 2.0. As the belly grows per month you need extra support and extra comfort to your belly as well as whole body. The Palm springs fitness center suggest embrace band 2.0, which is the most suited item for coping up with this problem.

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Embrace band 2.0 is very light weighted and breathable and can be wore under or even over the clothes. This band surrounds the belly, and provides support all around with shielding coverage from everyday radiation. It is 12 inches tall in length and thus can easily fit any posture. It is absolutely safe to use i.e. is free from heavy metals, toxic chemicals and common allergies.