Baby Monitor is the latest baby monitoring technological device generally used to remotely listen to sounds made by an infant in the womb.

Initially there are two types of baby monitors and that are wired and wireless baby monitors. The Smart NOVA Baby Monitor is the wireless monitor that has a transmitter unit which has microphone which is placed near the infants. Some baby monitors has the feature of two way communication which allows the parents to speak back to the baby.

Cordless Anti-Radiation Environment technology
Smart NOVA Baby Monitor

A very normal and primary use of baby monitor is to make baby familiar to their language skills. Smart NOVA Baby Monitor has two way communication with Automatic channel switching. It features low radiation emission and supports zero pulsing microwave radiation. DECT monitors and all other baby monitors emit more radiation as compared to Smart NOVA Baby Monitor.

This means they have greatly reduced the radiated power of the Smart NOVA monitor by using a technology (similar to a low powered cell phone) that is different than technology. Its battery life is extra-long and thus has operation range up to 1200 ft. line of sight. Smart NOVA Baby Monitor displays the temperature from the child surroundings (16-99F). Over extended period of infant exposure, the traditional DECT Baby Monitors emit significant amount of microwave radiation over extended period of infant exposure.

In Smart NOVA Baby monitor the new CARE i. e Cordless Anti-Radiation Environment technology, achieves the private communication, while emitting 97% less radiation and no pulsing radiation. For details regarding financing options available for this Item read this article.

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