• Beautifully handcrafted products from Italy
  • Bold and Versatile Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Colli Etruschi
  • Monnezza Pasta (‘Odds and Ends’ Pasta)
  • Rich and balanced Organic Balsamic Vinegar made from select local Lambrusco grapes.
  • Hand Harvested Fennel Pollen, Fennel Seed, Fennel & Salt, Wild Oregano
A traditional collection of favorites from olive oil, vinegar, and pasta. This superb selection offers an assortment of incredible authentic, handcrafted products by skilled artisans from small farming communities throughout various regions of Italy. Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Colli Etruschi- 250 ml Same-day, continuous-cycle, first-cold pressing of quality Caninese olives, is carefully supervised by Colli Etruschi Cooperative in the Etruscan town of Blera. Impressive in its versatility, Colli Etruschi adds bold definition to antipasti, pasta and vegetable dishes, and both white- and red meat main dishes. Monnezza Pasta (‘Odds and Ends’ Pasta)- 1.1 LB This kaleidoscopic mix of different pasta corta (short pasta) is both versatile and visually appealing. Artisan made with all-natural Italian wheat flour. Toss simply with red sauces or use to make a superb macaroni and cheese. Fennel & Salt- 1.1 oz Top quality sea salt, blended with toasted fennel and organic fennel pollen from Tuscany’s verdant Arno valley. Fennel Pollen- 1.1 oz A precious condiment to both professional and home chef’s alike, Fennel pollen is prized for its flavor and health benefits. Fennel Seed- 1.1 oz Made in the prestigious Monte Iblei zone of southeastern Sicily, this Fennel is hand harvested and made only from Wild Sicilian Fennel seed. It is made in only small quantities. Organic Balsamic Vinegar- 8.5 oz The richness and balance of this balsamic made from select local Lambrusco grapes. It is one of 10% of Italian balsamics which can truly claim USDA certification. Also, its lower acidity makes it go well with a wide range of dishes like strawberries, salad greens topped with Parmigiano Reggiano, and almost any meat dish. Wild Dried Oregano- 0.35 oz Grown on the Alburni Mountains in Campania. Wild Oregano is zesty, peppery and lemony. Suggested for roasted bell peppers, fresh feta feta cheese, and veal cutlet.
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Ritrovo, Amerigo


Ritrovo, Amerigo




Ritrovo, Amerigo




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