Pressure Activated massage Pillow Brown
Pressure Activated massage Pillow Brown

Pressure Activated massage Pillow Brown

Pressure activated massage Pillow is designed with a very soft and durable cover filled with foam. Its gentle and calm vibrations will give you sheer relaxed touch and a sound sleep. The pillow will start vibrating as soon as you press or squeeze it.
Size: The pillow size is 14 inch x 14 inch long.
Speed: It is equipped with Bi-directional dual micro motors (high speed or low speed). You can adjust speed as per your comfort.
This pillow operates on batteries which has a zipper at the back of the pillow that enables the two “D” batteries to be changed very easily.


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  • The Vibrating Massage Pillow features a soft, durable cover and is foam filled. Gentle vibrations encourage relaxation and work well to calm an over stimulated person. Use the HealthmateForever Massaging Pillow to help a people relax and go to sleep.
  • The Vibrating Massage Pillow is powered by 2 D batteries (not included). Pillow size: 14 inch x 14 inch. Foam filled pillow which vibrates when pressed. This is a great product which encourages interaction and gross motor skills.
  • Bi-directional dual micro motors: High speed; low speed. Choose your favorite speed to relax muscles.
  • The HealthmateForever Foot Press and Back/Neck Touch Massaging Pillow is pressure activated. It starts vibrating as soon as you squeeze or press it. To turn it off, just remove pressure and the vibration stops. Best of all there are no cords, no controller. Just press and enjoy the relaxation.
  • Use as decorative pillow in the couch. Turn off the internal switch.
  • High quality product. You can simply put your feet with shoes on it, the vibration not only stimulate the bottom of feet, but also the top of the feet. Children love to sit on top of the pillow, lean back on it or hug it to feel the relaxing and calming vibrations.
  • Extremely Decorative: Can Be Use Anywhere! Automatic and ready to go! Just press against it! Cordless, no controller needed.


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