Large geometric glass terrarium container, featuring a dodecahedron, all devoted to suit your needs from indoor gardening to Christmas decoration. Makes a great gift for a gardener friend; but we don’t blame you if you decide to keep it for yourself. • Perfect container to use as a moss planter! Its semi-closed spherical form helps to keep the moisture high, thus this container is just great for plants which enjoys high humidity levels. • With consistent and careful watering, you can turn this container into a beautiful succulent garden. Try mixing some haworthias with a few attractive echeverias and put your geometric garden on a well lid coffee table. • If you are not into plants; but still like this geometric container, try turning this piece into a beautiful bedside lamp by filling it with led lights, preferable warm fairy lights. We bet you will love it! • This piece would make a great centerpiece for mouthwatering holiday tables! Just decorate it with sand, figurines, pines cones and bottle brush trees to create a warm and classic ambiance at your holiday dinner table. To create the appearance of effortless elegance, don’t forget to pair this beauty with twinkling candlelight, sparkling crystals and starched linen napkins!
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Black, Silver, Rustic Copper, Bright Copper






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