RadiaShield® Men’s Boxer-Brief is a hybrid type of undergarment structured for men. This features a longer leg length in comparison to briefs and are less restrictive in terms of their overall fit.

The RadiaShield® Men’s Boxer-Brief is designed by a renowned designer John Varvotas at Calvin Klien. As soon as those shorts hit the American market these RadiaShield® Men’s Boxer-Brief became famous in 1992.

It is featured with an ideal form fitting coverage extending from midsection to the thighs. This undergarment is a combination of high quality cotton and spandex or a soft, woven flannel material. RadiaShield® Men’s Boxer-Brief is a new range of Boxer Brief designed to give a comfortable and totally relaxed feel. It is made from a combination of special modal and spandex fabric. It gives a desired comfort and also serves as best solution over issues like rashes, elastic marks, etc. Top quality fibers are used that gives amazing durability.

It has Radiashield protection on codpiece and back which helps in reducing radiation exposure to reproductive organs. Radiation emitting from the sides is absorbed by the body before reaching the organs. RadiaShield® Men’s Boxer-Brief is antibacterial, anti-odor, light- weight, breathable and can be washed in machine.

Primary features of RadiaShield® Men’s Boxer-Brief:

Radia-Shield Technology:
This technology gives added protection to the reproductive organs through the codpiece and the back.

The material designed and devised in this RadiaShield® Men’s Boxer-Brief reduces the amount of radiations that are exposed to the private organs in men. It has been studied that due to excessive exposure to the radiations from cellphones and other devices sperm count in men gets reduced.

The fibers used in RadiaShield® Men’s Boxer-Brief are designed using luxurious model/spandex and RadiaShield Fabric. They are highly fine and allow air to pass quite easily that also helps in giving cool feeling all the time.

Antibacterial/ Antiodor:
It is capable of fighting against the bacteria that accumulates due to sweating etc. Also a special odor elimination technology is used that absorbs sweat or urine droplets.

Washable :
This material is completely machine compatible and can be easily washed in any regular machine.

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