Perfect pants for fitness and yoga workout

The SANKOM patented Yoga & Fitness wear are the perfect workout clothes for both light and intensive exercise while providing back support. Made from an innovative, breathable, 4-way stretch, seamless fabric, it offers total freedom of movement and comfort during workouts.

The Restorative Body Balancing Capri is a unique patented ergonomical and physiological approach to restore the balance of the human body by using different levels of diagonal, flat and point compressions, which correspond to anatomical zones of the lower half of the body.
SANKOM Patented Yoga Capri helps reduce back pain, improve the efficiency of physical exercises for the lower part of the body.
The SANKOM Patent Yoga Capri has targeted compression for each muscle area, of the mid and lower body. The breathable, effective hi-tech design and comfortable material make it perfect pants for fitness and yoga workout. Lucy nowadays we have the loan guys without checks online for us to buy a slick outfit for your workouts!