Feeling awkward while nursing in public?
Now no need to be wary! Here is a right solution for you while breastfeeding your baby in the public.

Yes, indeed some moms are not comfortable when they feed their baby in public. They need little privacy and comfort for breastfeeding their baby at home or when they are out. There are many products available in the market that helps moms in their problems. One of the best product easily available in the market is the Nursing cover. It acts not only as a cover but also for protection against harmful radiations.

It is very stylish, sleek and 99.9% effective at protecting against the electromagnetic waves and radiations. It is made out of pure cotton fabric and lined with RadiaShield Fabric that gives you and your baby a smooth fabric feel and holds a bond between you and your baby while feeding. This nursing cover is highly conductive silver textile with the same shielding properties as that of ¼-inch thick sheet of aluminum. It shields you by cancelling out the ambient radiation and thus reducing your exposure and keep you and your baby safe and protected.

This nursing cover features rigid neckline that is to be wrapped around your neck while breastfeeding and contoured shoulder straps which will make you and your baby feel comfortable and breathable for discrete breastfeeding. It has generous coverage of 78 x 84cm / 31 x 33in long which is totally comfortable on any kind of outfit that you wear. Its easy one-hand adjustable strap will make your feeding flexible and adjustable wherever you sit. Two pockets are also designed for your convenience.

It is light weight and can be washed in any machine. This product is very safe to use since the products are free of heavy metals, toxic chemicals and common allergens.

RadiaShield -Belly Armor

RadiaShield -Belly Armor