The Gilded Muse Citrus and Violet Haze Candle is a combination of freshly picked flowers like orchids, gardenia, Jasmine and many other different white blossom flowers. These all are interweaved in a special pot and is processed.
Each candle is handled with a special care and is hand spewed using conventional methods that are practiced since years together by candle making experts. A special super refined soy wax is being used that absorbs more fragrance oil than any other candle wax. The blend makes the candle long lasting and to burn clear and strong.

If making your home remarkable and fancy is the goal, here you are!
The elegant candle holder of 8 oz weight is a perfect match for your home décor. The mercury rain found glass Candle holder has a classic and a venerable look that not only enhances the beauty of your room but will also leave a vintage appearance. It is a beautiful combination of citrus, white musk and patchouli and last for 40 hours.