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New and emerging Technologies : Smartwatch A9 Bluetooth Smart Watch for Apple iPhone & Android Phone

Thanks to all Technological Smartwatch Industries who had been struggling for providing the potential for the development of more advanced, longer-lasting devices like…

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Intimate wedding dress ever!

Marriage - Loveliest moment of your life! With all the excitement and stress of planning, when it comes to plan your wedding, first thing that comes in mind is the bridal costume.…

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RadiaShield® Men’s Boxer-Brief hybrid type undergarment structured for men

RadiaShield® Men’s Boxer-Brief is a hybrid type of undergarment structured for men. This features a longer leg length in comparison to briefs and are less restrictive in terms of…

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Smart NOVA Baby Monitor : Cordless Anti-Radiation Environment technology

Baby Monitor is the latest baby monitoring technological device generally used to remotely listen to sounds made by an infant in the womb. Initially there are two types of baby…

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